Mirlon Total 115x230mm 2500

Vörunúmer 085 8111202596

408 kr.

Mirlon Total® 115 x 230 mm – Mirlon Total is one of our indisputable all-round products. A relation of the fibre-based Mirlon abrasive, Mirlon Total cuts even better producing a rapid sanding result that delivers a dense scratch pattern and a perfectly even, high-quality surface ready for painting. Mirlon Total is strong and long-lasting, as both sides of the abrasive can be used for sanding, and it is flexible and easy to use, making it perfect to achieve a smooth matt finish and for feathering out effectively. Mirlon Total discs combined with the Net Interface, not only improves the grip, but also enables dust extraction. It makes sanding with Mirlon Total dust-free.

Vörumerki: Mirka

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