Fylligrunnur sprey grafít grár 1K HG6

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3.140 kr.

ColorMatic 1K primer filler is a fast-drying all-purpose 1K primer with excellent adhesion and corrosion preventive and filling properties for all metal surfaces and conventional plastics which are use in automotive. It can be welded and is re-sprayable with all standard water-based base-coats and 1K and 2K topcoat systems. It is fast drying and, depending on layer thickness, applicable both as a primer and a filler.

ColorMatic Primer Filler (HG1 to HG8) offers optimal time and material saving synergy for modern automotive refinishing. HG1 (white) is also suitable as a guide coat white when using dark primers/primer fillers. HG3 (grey, art.no. 856525) provides additionally very good adhesion to magnesium.

Befor applying ColorMatic 1K Primer Filler, treat undercoat with ColorMatic Silicone Remover no. 174469. If you set value on very good corrosion-protection at at the same time fast drying time, we recommend the ColorMatic 2K Hi-Speed Grundierfüller.

Ideal for spot repairs and refinishing parts.

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